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Women in Experimental Podcast#01


Artist: NIES

Title: Far Beyond


i dream of places
far beyond
the world has changed
are you going to protect me
I choose my words carefully
i wonder
what did i want to forget
how should we live
in old forms
entired planet
we are coming from the same
make it better


A journey of personal tracks by Paris-Berlin based artist Nies.



Women in Experimental Podcast#02


Artist: SOFIA

Title: Not Thinking--Just Feeling

Galina Ozeran - Zolotaya
Ami Yoshida - Vanishing point
Pauline Oliveros - Body Stories
Maria Zerfall - Kopfkrieg
Anne Gillis - Silence
Eliane Radigue - Occam IV
Eliane Radigue - Backward 9,5
Laurie Spiegel - Passage
Sonae - I Started Wearing Black
Borusiade - Lament (Fortunate Isolation)
Aurat - Sharer
Cucina Povera - Demetra


Sofia is an Argentinian photographer based in London. Her path with music started two years ago at Brilliant Corners, after an ear-opening musical experience.This fostering environment became a source of inspiration that contributed to her music education, and encouraged her to start selecting music for others.

A year ago she started to play regularly in radios and venues, and now she is doing a residency at la Siesta Del Fauno (Buenos Aires Argentina), exploring the world of analog synthesisers. Always approaching music with infinite curiosity and openness.

Women in Experimental Podcast#03

Artist: KRIS

Title: Tempo Virus

Anne Gillis - No.4 ambient
Petit Singe - 27.09.87
Zaliva-D - Exctinction
Golpe Erotico - Sumergida en Plastico
Potter Natalizia Zen - Chaosmosis
Sophie du Palais - Up To No Good
Jessica Ekomane - Common Fate
Zaliva-D - Forsaken
Jessica Ekomane - Solid Of Revolution
Marie Davidson - Persephone from Un Autre Voyage
Bellatrix?_-_198x? erotism
Postmodernism forms - Abduceme
Caterina Barbieri - Spine of Desire (9starP Edit)


Zagreb based DJ, dancing with tempo virus.

Women in Experimental podcast#04

Artist: Nina Kardec

Title: "SKRESS"(COVID-19)


olivier Bringer_ "R5X" (lundi 30 mars 2020)"
vierge noir e - "Quart d'heure Tropical"
Méryll Ampe _ "Autour du Lac"
Nadia Lena Blue - "E-Nigme"
DEAD NORMAL - "Bobby Gabba"(live)
NonZero!- "24Bit Storm"
PETASS - "vivement demain"
OTTO VON SCHIRACH - "Skate Battle Fire Storm"
Queen - "Get Down, Make Love"
Cecilia Castro - "The Drone"
Jean Ray - "Monomanie I"
To The Moon And Back - "Janitor of Lunacy" 
To The Moon And Back - "Meine Seele"
Ligeti - "Glissandi"
(+ Blade Runner - "Jai vu tant de Choses...")
Simonetta Parisi - "Sospiro 19" (Improvisation solo piano) 
Gaël Segalen - "Corte`ge"
Nina kardec - "Empty Shell"


Nina Kardec is a composer/producer and DJ of underground electronic music. 
Originally from Paris and based since 2 years at Toulouse. She has played in various places in Paris and Germany, either underground (Clubs / Bars / Squatt) or institutional as a  DJ since 2000. Composer since 2005, started concerts/performers since 2011 (France) . 
She has released 3 albums on Netlabels (Vaatican Records, Eg0cide Productions) as well as several remixes or songs created especially for compilations (Section 27,Vaatican Records, Pavillon 33, Hylès Tapes, Female:Pressure / DIDREC). She collaborated with the POLYPHONES collective (Paris) for collective improvisations between Women Musicians. Nina compositions range from WitchCore to experimental or ambient electronics. Her latest LP "NEMA" released on Eg0cide Productions (09/14/2019) follows an RMXS LP produced by various European musicians(02/02/2020).

Links :

Women in Experimental Podcast # 05

Artist: Kristie

Title: A Vision of...


James Bernard - Powder
Del Fiero - La Cathedral
Sequencer People - Somebody Different
Identified Patient - OCTrax
Volta Cab - Inmortal Fix
Snuffo - Ghosts of Solitude
Alex Martin - F4nk
Split Dj - Noises
Sougon - Tripwire
Maw Electronic - Tranz
The Advent - Program da futur
Ticco Ross - Aliens Wanna Fuck Our Earth Girls
E.R.P. - Gleaning Creation
Envoy - Seawall
Sieg Über Die Sonne - Adoro Elastic
Rejuvination - Subtle Indoctrination


She's a DJ based in Madrid, she use to play Vinyl, she is a usual suspect at Musica Dispersa parties and also is part of the duo of djs Horror Vacui.
She represent a new generation of djs from Madrid that somehow are connected with the old-school djs that started in the 80s.

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