Musica Dispersa, Women in Experimental

Is an international network of women,non-binary,trans artists  in the fields of experimental music,performative arts and visuals operating worldwide through experimental events,talks,activism,releases and radio.

Música Dispersa is a one-person-run experimental music platform, label and radioshow, founded in 2012 and based between Madrid and London, that seeks to disseminate left-field music and art from all over the world from a DIY and experimental perspective.

In early 2019 the project’s mission became focused on making visible the work of female, trans and non-binary artists, in an endeavour to create more balance in a landscape which is still predominantly male-dominated.

After organizing a festival with an all women/non-binary and local/national lineup in March 2019 at Zapadores in Madrid, Música Dispersa took the initiative to take the same lineup to other cities to aid the artists projection in Europe and include local artists to create new opportunities for transborder collaboration and organized the first tour in September 2019 across Europe playing in Madrid,Paris and London.

The feelings and the feedbacks were special and the atmosphere created transform it in a perpetual project in Musica Dispersa.

The inspiration came from the book The City of Ladies (1405) writting by Christine de Pizan (1364-1430)

Year 2020:

Musica Dispersa, Women in Experimental WORLD Tour.

Also releases and radio shows are coming in 2020.

To be part of the network just send an email to