Musica Dispersa is an international experimental network created by Roberto Vilela in London in 2012 which operates mainly in the research and transmission of experimental arts in the fields of experimental music,performative arts and visuals from all over the world from a DIY perspective.

The project started as a radio show but quickly became also a record label to release the weird material that came to our studio soon after as launch for our first release we organized an event wich was the first of many with an international line-up in two floors with experimental music, visuals, performances and techno wich laid the foundations for future actions.

Since then we keep organizing actions regularly mostly in London,Madrid,Paris and Barcelona, releasing music through our cassette label or Bandcamp and doing some radio assaults

For 2020 we are focused in radio and record label + some worldwide actions with the main project for 2020 our series of events Musica Dispersa,Women in Experimental.

For anything just contact us by email here --->